WESTBURY, N.Y.—Design Gallery, the luxury division of Match Eyewear, has announced the international debut of the new KATA Eyewear collection at Mido 2019. The collection is being exhibited by Crimson, SRL, Design Gallery’s Italian distributor. The KATA Eyewear collection consists of 20 ophthalmic styles, each style offering a variety of sunglass options featuring elements such as flash mirrored lenses, polarized lenses and anti-finger print coatings. Designed for men, the collection features styles in titanium and premium acetate.

"We are extremely proud to be able to bring this iconic brand to the next phase of its evolution” said Ethan Goodman, president of Match Eyewear. “Our sourcing and design teams in both Japan and Italy have put a great emphasis on the highest quality materials and construction.”

The new KATA Eyewear collection can be seen at Mido, PAV 4 Booth P21-R22.