SYDNEY, Australia—The International Myopia Institute (IMI), a nonprofit founded by the Brien Holden Vision Institute and operated under the Vision CRC, has brought a group of experts together to address myopia and its growing prevalence, determine how clinicians should manage myopia, and advance myopia research. The group of researchers, clinicians, educators, and policy makers is made up of more than 85 international experts. Through the IMI, a series of eight white papers on topics critical to myopia management have been developed, and will be released soon.

These papers were first previewed in November 2018, at the American Academy of Optometry Meeting in San Antonio, Texas. The preview session, attended by 400 people, presented the key findings in these eight white papers, their implications for the eyecare profession, and a panel discussion. Video footage of that session is now available online for those who would like to view it.

The IMI papers will be available online in a special issue of the IOVS Journal by the end of February, free to download, as part of the IMI’s mission to disseminate knowledge.