Eyeaholic: Dr. Amanda Setto’s Instagram Page Will Get You Buzzed on All Things Eyewear

If you are a fanatic about all things optical—from clothing to jewelry, bedding and even tableware—then you have definitely run into Amanda Setto’s Instagram account, Eyeaholic. Dr. Setto started the page in March of this year and has already garnered over 3,000 followers and counting. Eyeaholic, which was created as a fun and easy hobby on the side, does not disappoint when it comes to providing her followers with a variety of eye-related trinkets.

“When I started the account, there were so many Instagram pages that focused on the medical aspect of optometry, whether it be cool cases, eye advice or the daily life of an optometrist or optometry student,” Setto told VMail Weekend. “I wanted to start a page that was mostly dedicated to awesome eye-finds. It’s definitely grown into something much larger and now has an identity of its own.”

The concept of Eyeaholic came when Setto—who now works at Dr. John A. Katzaroff, a private practice in Northridge, Calif. and also doubles as the publication director for NewGradOptometry.com—found herself gravitating toward eyes, glasses and optometry related items while shopping in-store or online. “I had so many photos and screenshots of these items on my phone that I would share with my optometry friends. Most of the time, I’d purchase them just because I love eyes,” Setto said. “Now, with my Instagram, I almost don’t even need to buy everything that’s eye-related. I usually take a photo and post it and it almost gives me the same satisfaction as if I bought it.”

When it comes to curating content for the page, Setto frequents (online and in person) stores such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters to see if they have anything new she can add to the page. Because her family knows about her page, they’re always on the lookout for anything with eyes or glasses, she said. Setto also relies on eye-related hashtags on Instagram to search for posts and even though most of her posts highlight different brands or companies, she makes sure to tag her sources, so her audience knows where to purchase items they like.


Because Setto’s love for optometry was the catalyst for the creation of the page, her everyday life as a practitioner continues to influence Eyeaholic. Though she finds herself running out of time or content to post, she still manages to update the page at least once a week. As far as the future of the page goes, Setto hopes it only grows as she grows as a practitioner. “Perhaps I’ll start doing more Instagram stories, maybe start a website or help other optometrists with their social media pages. The sky is the limit! One thing is for sure, I want this page to continue growing.”